Rules for the road when traveling in northern Europe

Memorize your route. Your map can and will lie.
Take the safest roads.
Mountain passes shift between our world and another - do not leave your car when you are crossing a mountain pass.
If you see something you believe to be a bear, do not photograph it.
The snow does strange things to our eyes.
Borders shift.
Do not speak to anyone you meet further than a kilometer from the nearest building.
Not everything that appears to be human is.
You may eat at rest stops but leave as soon as possible. If there are no other guests there, leave immediately.
Don’t listen to birdsongs for too long - they will start to tell you things you’d rather not hear.
There are no shortcuts.
Something is looking at you, but it is indifferent to your existence.
The things beneath the soil would rather stay undisturbed. Don’t dig.
Bring a mirror and a clear head.
Leave all religious items at home. They will make a scent trail.
There is a reason we fear wolves, but it isn’t the one you think.
Do not touch scissors on the ground. Ever.
The wind will bite you. Cover up.
The longer you spend in the woods, the stranger the air gets.
Stay calm.
Never approach old houses.
If there is mist on the ground, do not be afraid.
Windmills are further away than they seem.
Don’t look into lakes.
Some farms don’t always exist. Don’t worry if you can’t find it on your return trip.
Don’t drink slow-running river water. If you do, there will invariably be a dead animal upstream.
Bridges are sacred places. Do not disrespect them.
Avoid wetlands.
There are no children out here, only false ones.
If you suddenly get lost, stay very still.