If you go for a walk in the forest, remember these ten things:

If you pass by a ring of mushrooms, don’t step in the circle, but do tell the mushrooms your dreams. They love to hear stories.
If you see large, foreboding pawprints in the middle of the trail, do not follow them; the path leads only to sorrow and despair.
If you hear the lull of a flute by the bubbling of a river, you may listen, but not for long; if you linger, you can never leave.
Be sure to keep any items you bring secured in your rucksack,with a few seashells hanging from it;the crashing waves from the shells will scare off thieves.
Return home before night falls. You never know what might appear when the forest is cloaked in darkness.
If you do stay after sundown, do not look at the stars. They are temptresses in their beauty, but can bring death and destruction.
If you come across wildlife, avoid eye contact. Some creatures may steal your soul if you stare long enough.
Never pass under a gnarled, curling tree, for you may enter a world that looks like your own, but is different still.
If you find a jar of honey or jam resting upon a boulder, ignore it. There are those who would tempt you with sweet nothings; don’t accept their gifts.
Mark a trail from your starting point with plain yarn. If you cut the trees, they’ll come for you. If you tie a ribbon on branches, they’ll capture you.